LIPHATECH is a subsidiary of DE SANGOSSE since 2002. In 1961, it is after the discovery of Chlorophacinone, the first anticoagulant molecule dedicated to rodent control, that LIPHATECH focused on rodent control technologies. We have three rodenticides active ingredients developed and patented by LIPHATECH :

  • Chlorophacinone since 1961
  • Bromadiolone since 1976 (Second generation)
  • Difethialone since 1989 (Second generation)
LIPHATECH maintains a strong emphasis on customer support through product quality, innovation, on-time delivery & total stewardship (training, regulatory compliance, etc.), R&D is also a key component of our day-to-day business. 


Our Ag rodenticide range in Australia is centered around two active ingredients: Difethialone and Bromadiolone.
Our formulations were carefully developed to be highly palatable and effective: block and soft bait.
  • DE SANGOSSE's Difethialone and Bromadiolone formulations are available in Australia under the tradename GENERATION®.

In April 2016, DE SANGOSSE Australia acquired the range of BROMAKIL® products.

DE SANGOSSE now provides one of the most extensive and innovative line-up of rodenticide products in Australia. 


Bait stations: facilitate safe application of baits.
Alternative solutions are also part and parcel of Liphatech strategy. Our latest mechanical mouse trap provides a unique control method, resulting in a quick kill as well as being safe for end-users.
  • DE SANGOSSE's bait stations and traps are also available in Australia under the tradename GENERATION®.