AGRICULTURE: DE SANGOSSE is developing an innovative portfolio of solutions thanks to a dynamic policy of investment in Research & Development. We offer our customers solid technical expertise, supported by an organisation of well-trained and experienced experts. According to our vision, agriculture should be productive, address food issues, respect consumers' health, and show concern for the environment.


PEST CONTROL: LIPHATECH, a subsidiary of DE SANGOSSE, is a leader in pest control, especially of rodents, which is a major health and economic challenge worldwide. A key global player, LIPHATECH offers its customers innovative and effective solutions for the protection of people and property, investing 10% of its annual turnover in Research and Development. This proactive policy ensures that lasting solutions are found to meet growing expectations in the field of integrated protection, while addressing risks to users and to the environment.


LOGISTIC SERVICES: DE SANGOSSE has 41,000 m² of capacity across platforms, ensuring that Crop Protection and Plant Nutrition are all stored and delivered safely. Our sites are ISO 14001 certified, and 50 well-trained and experienced employees successfully manage the daily logistics of more than 7,200 products and dispatch more than 3 million packages per year.