Activate photosynthesis in times of stress with Actigreen®.

When plants are under stress, they reduce their photosynthetic activity to preserve carbon and water resources.

Having a plant that can continue to photosynthesise during periods of heat stress and drought means that the plant’s root and fruit development can continue, enabling it to make better use of reserves in the soil to support the developing crop.

Actigreen is a highly active, NASAA organic certified input used as a preventative measure for plant stress and calcium uptake.

The unique and patented manufacturing process of Actigreen obtains microparticles of activated calcite. These microparticles can penetrate leaf pores quickly and completely. This increases the calcium concentration at the cellular level, and is reactive, meaning it spreads to surrounding cells which is not necessarily the case for all other calcium-based formulations. At the cellular level, the effect of calcium is to stabilise cell structure and function, and the activated calcite of Actigreen improves photosynthetic activity by increasing stomatal conductance and improving how efficiently the plant uses water.

By applying Actigreen throughout the season prior to and during periods of stress, we can support the plant’s photosynthetic activity and overall productivity. Given the predicted hot summer ahead, growers of grapevines, pipfruit, and many other crops may like to explore the benefits of Actigreen to counter heat stress and aid in calcium absorption.

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