Positive Production

What it means…

POSITIVE: from the Latin word “POSITIVUS” which means laid upon. Everything relies upon facts and experience. A positive spirit is one that always looks for what is real and useful.

PRODUCTION: from the Latin words “PRO” which means “moving forward” and “DUCERE” which means “driving/leading”,in whole   “PRODUCTION” means growth, getting bigger, giving birth.

Today, while farmers are positively perceived by public opinion, agricultural production is often condemned. All employees of DE SANGOSSE want to contribute to changing that perception and assist in restoring credibility to agricultural practices. This is the foundation of Positive Production®, not a partial vision of agriculture, but a clear and focused vision of its future.

Positive Production® is a contribution to all those working in agriculture, to reset the thoughts and criticism of those whom may not understand, and to assist with the change of belief that these old practises are in the past and agriculture is continuously innovating to improve the quality of agricultural production and to harvest in sufficient quantity.

This core project for our company leads to various actions with farmers, resellers, agronomists, involving collective and individual initiatives,  to assist with new and further integrated practices. The aim is to offer a safer model for all professionals in agriculture and contribute to creating a positive and reassuring image of agriculture for consumers.


At DE SANGOSSE, our philosophy and mission is to unite

Short-Term – EconomicsEnsure that farms are economically viable thanks to solutions which are efficient, useful, competitive and cost effective.


Mid-Term – Quality of lifeImprove quality of life for farmers and resellers thanks to new tools, helping decision making, and new technology and innovative materials, for smarter, more sustainable agricultural production. Farmers and resellers should be proud to work in agriculture. Honour allows them to talk about their agricultural practices in a positive light reassuring society.


Long-Term – EnvironmentProtect the complete ecosystem with sound advice, and access to quality information, training and innovative solutions. These solutions can be alternative or combined practices tailor made as to address both plant requirements and environmental risks. 


 At DE SANGOSSE, our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the agricultural sector allows us to offer and promote a road map in line with the needs and expectations of all actors of the agriculture world. A project that not only take into account day-to-day problems, but also aims to reach new society and consumers standards.  

It is an in-depth evolution: all new changes must be progressive, thought outandcontinual. The end goal is to go further with more innovation, more exchange of information, with a multi-disciplinary approach without compromise or short-term vision. We need to keep working on better practices, respecting both farmers and the environment at every level of the production chain to improve the systems performance. Producing with inputs that are less harsh on the environment and a holistic model are only the first steps of a long journey. Positive Production® is a motto for a fair and bright future for agriculture, which drives us to grow every day.