Boost growth and support plants through times of stress with SEALEAF ORIGIN®. 

Sealeaf Origin is a seaweed and amino acid formulation to boost vegetative and root growth, enhance photosynthesis and provide stress resistance. 

The seaweed range sources and uses Ascophyllum nodosum from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Ascophyllum experiences extreme conditions including temperature change, solar radiation, and dry atmospheric conditions. By foliar applying Ascophyllum, it is aimed to provide seaweed molecules that will increase the plant’s ability to resist stressful situations.

Independent reviews have demonstrated that Ascophyllum has numerous benefits including favourable cytokinin and gibberellin extracts, along with increased calcium uptake. Combine these with 7 amino acids to enhance photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism, amplify auxin within the plant, and provide stress resistance, Sealeaf Origin can be used at numerous stages throughout plant development.

SEALEAF’s free Amino-Acids are directly useable by the plant, and easily up-taken by the leaves, with some benefits of these being:

  • Alanine & Glycine: Photosynthesis and vegetative growth
  • Methionine: Root promoter (amplifies auxin effect)
  • Proline: Anti-stress and osmo-regulator
  • Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid & Arginine: metabolism of nitrogen
  • Pure Extract of fresh Seaweed amplifies and supports each action of amino-acids.

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