Natural Nitrogen with PURESTIM N®

A NASAA certified Organic Nitrogen product with free amino acids is now available thanks to Purestim N. 

Purestim N is a biostimulant composed of free amino acids of plant origin designed to improve crop performance and quality says Dénoline Jolivet, Australian Technical Extension Manager and Sales Manager SE QLD/Northern NSW/WA.

Purestim N is a high-quality product that gives farmers a source of nitrogen (8%) that can be used directly by the plant. This biostimulant will rebalance the plant, boost foliar & root growth and will support crops in coping with environmental stresses.

As a real source of energy and thanks to its high level of available organic nitrogen, Purestim N acts like a fuel and will help plants in stressful situations to boost photosynthetic activity as well as leaf and root growth.

Purestim N is made up of free amino acids obtained by hydrolysis of plant protein, making them more easily assimilated by the leaves. These natural molecules are stable and neutral when foliar applied. Immediately absorbed by the plants, they will serve as a structural unit for the formation of proteins, enzymes and starting materials for the synthesis of other essential substances. They are therefore fundamental and unavoidable to the plant’s functions throughout its life.

Purestim N is used at all stages and under all growing conditions because amino acids can be stored and reused by the plant to improve the quality of harvested organs (as primary metabolites, amino acids cannot be found in excess).

A strong asset for plant development, Purestim N represents an essential support for the expression of crop potential.



Total Amino acids: 17%

Free amino acids : 13%

Organic Nitrogen : 8%

All crops depend on photosynthetic activity; amino acids (AA) promote chlorophyll synthesis and support plant functions. By participating in the production and regulation of growth hormones such as auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin, they are involved in all the critical stages of flowering, fruit setting, etc. Plants also need amino acids to store nitrogen, enabling them to have a satisfying regrowth at spring or budding. AA play a role in fruits and seeds development, organoleptic qualities, colouration, root growth, etc.

Purestim N immediately supplies nitrogen under amino acids form, enabling rapid protein synthesis. The product will accelerate the recovery of plants after a period of stress, and will have an action on the plant’s development, productivity and quality.

Researched, sourced, and manufactured in France, De Sangosse’s biostimulant range provides a complete plant nutrition package for all horticultural and agriculture systems.

For more information regarding PURESTIM N or our plant nutrition range at De Sangosse Australia, please contact Denoline Jolivet below or your local De Sangosse Australia manager.

Denoline JOLIVET

Australian Technical Extension Manager

 Sales Manager SE QLD/Northern NSW/WA

Mobile: +61 (0) 460 313 319