Rebalance the nutritional status of your crops with Fertigofol Ultra®

Providing nutrition throughout all stages of plant development, especially in citrus crops, Fertigofol Ultra® is a complete formulation, designed to rebalance the nutritional status of plants, boosting photosynthesis and stimulating growth.

An NPK mix (plus magnesium and sulfur) combined with all micronutrients in an EDTA-chelated form. Coupled with 19 amino acids to aid with nitrogen metabolism, chlorophyll production, energy, flower production, and vegetative development, Fertigofol Ultra is easily absorbed and assimilated by the plant.

Intended for foliar use, ongoing work and use in a variety of tree crops such as avocados, citrus, lychees, and macadamias have demonstrated its benefits during periods of high stress including applications at fruit-set, fruit-drop periods, after environmental stress, and under heavy crop load.

Due to its formulation, Fertigofol Ultra is also an effective post-harvest or pre-flower spray in citrus, to aid in recovery due to its high amino acid content, as well as correcting nutritional deficiencies before beginning its next cycle.

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Hass avocados that have had multiple applications of Fertigofol in Mareeba, QLD