Ross has been involved in agriculture for 40 years either as a farmer or adviser to farmers and been working in WA agriculture since 2003, since emigrating from Zimbabwe.

Plant nutrition has been a large part of his agronomic expertise and remains even stronger today in seeking ways in improving soil health alongside plant nutrition.

Ross enjoys working in orchards and vineyards especially avocados, citrus, apples and wine grapes. Witnessing the advancements of WA farmers have made in the Wheatbelt the last 15 years with minimal rainfall has been truly impressive.

Ross gets a lot of pleasure in helping WA farmers in improving their growing practices by using the latest technology products in getting better outcomes from their crops, and improving their bottom line.

Ross loves being with my family during weekends including his first grandchild. He is an active golfer at the local club, and enjoys catching up with mates there. Fishing is in his family’s blood and any chance of wetting a line is never missed.


Regional Sales Manager

Mobile: +61 (0) 456 356 325