Stimulate root growth and plant development with ACRECIO®.

ACRECIO is a unique root activator, composed of a balanced NPK fertiliser associated with a series of root bio-stimulating compounds. Its formulation includes our exclusive ACRECIACTIV molecule, Pure Free Amino Acids (L-Tryptophan, L-Methionine) and Humic & Fulvic Acids. 

ACRECIO stimulates the growth of the roots, the development of the plants and increases the natural capacity of the plants to assimilate and take advantage of the nutrients present in the soil. Its formulation triggers and magnifies new root development, providing for impressive cell division and root elongation while providing a whole-plant energising affect. Results are easily noticeable with greener, more photosynthetically active leaves, an improved biomass coupled with a larger root mass for nutrient uptake

Applied as plant drench or fertigation, ACRECIO increases the vigor of the plant and limits the negative factors derived from stress conditions during transplantation and/or sprouting (drought, salinity, frost).

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Acrecio Farm Demonstration Trial Results - Silvan, Victoria