Stimulating root growth, development and biomass, Connectis® is an organic biofertiliser for supporting your crops development. 

Connectis is a pure solution of mycorrhizae bacteria, which plays a pivotal role in soil and plant health, as well as optimising plant emergence allowing uniformity planting.

Composed of Rhizophagus irregularis, Connectis has the ability to attach itself to crop roots to help them assimilate nutrients and water in larger quantities. Mycorrhizae extend the root system, enabling the plant to absorb nutrients that are inaccessible to the roots normally. This enhances soil structure, promotes biodiversity, and helps plants better withstand environmental stresses. 

It Improves the assimilation of water and other elements (N, K, Fe, Zn, Mg, etc.), as well as Phosphorus uptake.

Mycorrhizae root extension (filaments) hold the soil particles together, which reduces erosion. In addition, the improvement of soil structure by mycorrhizae results in a better penetration of water, therefore slowing down drainage and stabilising the soil.

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Connectis Independent Strawberry Trial 2020-21- Staphyt Australia