With the onset of cooler months, the need for effective rodent control solutions becomes very important to control and manage rodent populations. Generation® Blue Soft Bait and Blocks, by De Sangosse Australia, offer growers and farmers a quick and effective solution to deal with rodents.

Generation Baits irresistible formulation, along with new active Difethialone, results in a bait that gets rapid results after one feed for quick action.

Early intervention and planning are crucial for successful effective rodent control. Controlling populations is through year-round management of traps and high-quality baits that are attractive to rodents. This ensures that they will consume the bait instead of other food sources.

“Rats and mice have different feeding behaviours and the environment they live in influences their food choices. That is why it is important to have different options in the form of Grain, Pellets, Blocks, Soft Baits or Drink,” says Romain Broch, General Manager De Sangosse Australia.

If a new infestation is discovered, Generation Blue Soft Baits are recommended for quick action. Its latest generation active ingredient Difethialone, discovered by De Sangosse alongside Bromadiolone and Chlorophacinone, ensures a single feed with a rapid mode of action to get infestations under control.

Resistant to melting and designed with a soft texture and food ground flour and vegetable oil with no wax, they are highly palatable to rodents. “It has proven effective in various challenging environments like poultry farms or piggeries where food competition is very high. I would encourage anyone who is having poor bait uptake to try it out. Sometimes a soft approach will help you hit those rodents hard!” concludes Romain.

For additional support, Bromakil Grain and Pellet baits provide strong single-feed support around Grain storage facilities and sheds with its active ingredient Bromadiolone.

Understanding and creating a Rodent Management programme with high-quality baits is key to managing an infestation before it gets out of control. Whatever your situation, the De Sangosse team has the knowledge, range, and experience to provide support.

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